Refined by Fire Forged Like Steel

My karate instructor always says,

“There are no good swords make of bad steel,”

So I started to think about that some and thinking of the processes behind making a sword.  The most common way is a blacksmith will put the sword in the fire, hammer it out and cool it to make a perfect sword. He would pound it out and cool it several times called Tempering. That’s kinda how life is and how it treats us. We get put into these situations that beat us down where we get put in the fire but our friends, family, God and “cool” us down just by their words, their love and support. We can become better swords and are able to withstand the tests and obstacles that come across our path and that make us more successful in our everyday lives and stronger to bend easier.

Its ok to fail every once in a while just don’t stay there but get back up, cool down then take the next step and get back in the fire. The fire will make it easier to be molded into the sword you need to be to get though daily life. My instructor also says,

“How do we climb a mountain? One step at a time.”

One step at a time, once in the fire, cool down and get in the fire again until you get the perfect sword.

There are several ways to forge all kinds of swords.. It depends on who is forging you in the fire and how strong you will be at the end.

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September Market Stats

Here are the most up to date market stats for Spokane County. Looks like our market is stabilizing. Please call me with any questions you may have.

September 2017 Market Statistics

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“Who Packed your parachute?”

Hello all,

I recently went to a real estate conference where a gentleman named Charlie Plumb spoke to us.

It was very powerful and encouraging. So let me tell you a little about him.  His name is Captain J. Charles Plumb and he was a Top Gun fight pilot in the Vietnam war. He was shot down and spent 6 years as a POW in North Vietnam, he mentioned that he was two cells down from John McCain. He talked about all the torture he endured and lack of medical treatmentHe spoke spoke about how, after he returned from war, he was in a diner one day and ran into a gentleman, who at the time of the war, was a sailor at the bottom of his air craft carrier that spent his time packing parachutes.  The gentleman told him he packed his parachute the day he was shot down.

Captain Plumb went on to say that he could of had a bad attitude but he chose a different mind set. He could have come back and said poor me, I have been though so much. Instead he is speaking to people all over the country giving encouragement.

So you think your life is hard? You missed a mortgage payment or your car won’t start or what have you, the point is you could be dodging bullets or been stuck in a very small prison cell for 6 years with nothing but a pot to pee in. It’s the way you think of about something and your situation that will make you successful. So my suggestion is this:

1. Change your mental thinking to be greatful for what you have cause it can be worse.

2. Thank the people that have carried you (parachutes) when you need it most.

3. Never forget how blessed you are by being thankful for the life you have.

4. Lastly, you could be packing someone else’s chute so be kind and compassionate.

Go to Captian J Charles Plumb’s website to learn more.

He is an amazing man and I was privileged to have heard him speak


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Thank you

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, this time of year gets hectic but I like it.

Well so far in my career as a licensed Realtor, I have had some bumps in the road. I have had banks that don’t wire funds (crazy huh?), I have had underwriters want more comps for an appraisal a day or so before we were set to close on a home,  I have also has a seller promise to complete work but then left the house in worse shape than originally viewed and wouldn’t release my buyers Earnest Money back to them and the list goes on.

All of this is part of my job and behind the scenes of what we are paid for in our commission, sometimes if the sale of a home doesn’t cross the finish line they are still things we as license Realtors do to make the buying process easier. But that is not the reason I am writing today.

I want to thank my buyers and sellers I have worked with that have trusted me and have listened to the advice I gave them to make the buying and selling process easier for them. They have trusted me with this huge desision and process in their lives. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you very much.

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Don’t Give Up, Have Perseverance and Determination

I’m about ready to get a little personal with you. When I was growing up, I was one of those kids whose parents were going through a divorce, I was the kid that spent every other weekend and summers with dad. In that time my siblings and I went though a lot, more than kids or even adults should go though in their life. I’m not discounting what other kids from broken home homes go though, no kid should have to go though those things.

Some people turn to drugs and alcohol as they grow up, I was fortunate to have some family and friends as well as my faith. As a person grows older their circumstances and past mold their personality and perseverance. My past and circumstances made me who I am today, how I handle myself and how I treat people and how I conduct my business. Everything I went though growing up made me the person I am today and what I have learned from it. What not to do and how to do things differently.

Which brings me to today. What kind of person would I be if I just said “Well those clients decided not to work with me so I might as well just give up my license that I worked so hard for and try something easier.”

One of my all time favorite songs is “The Fighter” by Gym Class Hero’s because I may get knocked down a few times getting my business started because it is hard work, but if I keep my integrity, perseverance and determination I have the ability to help so many people find their dream homes.

I am fortunate to work with some amazing supportive people that if I’m having a bad day they will help me up, give me a pat on the back, and say “keep going you are doing great.” My motto as I have been getting older is “Don’t Give Up.” You may need rest for a bit but that is different than giving up all together.

I hope I can do that for other people. People that are going through something in their lives such as getting a new job, a death of a family member or friend, divorce, or needing to expand because of a growing family. I have been though enough in my life to give support and encouragement to those people who need it. Sometimes I say my second job is therapist (not really), I listen and sometimes people just need to talk and have someone listen and understand.

The financial benefit is nice but its more than that to me, its about helping people that would have a very hard time if they did it on their own. Even if you as a buyer or seller choose to not use my services, don’t loose your determination to sell your home or buy your new home or land.

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The Importance of a Listing Agent


Image result for For sale signs windermereReal Estate Cartoons & Jokes - The Real JMcG, Jason McGregor, Realtor® Toronto

Selling your home can be stressful. That’s why having a licensed Realtor can be extremely beneficial.  Below is a list of reasons why you should work with a realtor:

1. A Realtor will make sure you get the best price you can for your home based on market trends in your area. They will work up a market analysis so that you know what’re to price your home. When your home sells and an appraiser comes in, there will be less of a problem if the home was sold at market price.

2. A Realtor know how to negotiate a transaction and knows several key plays in the sale of a home that will help make sure there isn’t any “money left on the table” that the seller could of had. They will work for the Seller with their best interests in mind.

3. The Realtor doesn’t have a personal connection to the home, whereas a home owner can sometimes get emotional about pricing and features of the home that may require attention.

4. A Realtor has access to all real estate legal forms and understands them to explain offers and title reports so there is less chance of a law suit in the future. A Realtor also helps cover all the bases such as having all legal forms needs in a transaction filled out completely and accurately.

5. A Realtor is held to high standards of ethics and knowledge of real estate by always taking educational courses related to real estate laws and practices as well as classes pertaining to legal  undated to forms etc.

6. A Realtor has access to the home selling websites such as Trulia, the MLS,, Facebook business pages, Etc.. Your Realtor will provide all marketing materials such as signs (yard signs and open house), flyers, postcards, professional photographers, as well as the knowledge of good inspections and appraisers.

7. By having a Realtor help sell your home, you will have more access to buyers which shortens the time your house will be on the market, this saves time and the money needed fore house payments, utilities and tax payments.


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Have a Buyers Agent

Sometimes when people are buying a home for the first time, they don’t realize how stressful and involved it is, with making sure they know about lead based paint, inspection procedures and appraisal processes. Having a Realtor help you prepares buyers for some of those costs and they can show the buyers homes they can afford but might be a little less than their budget to account for some of those unexpected costs. There are laws to take into an account as well to help both home owners and buyers. It helps to have a buyers agent to know some of those laws to protect the buyers.

A licensed Realtor has received education and takes continuing educational classes to to stay current on laws, issues and ethics. A licensed Realtor has access to up to date attorney drafted documents to help buyers. A Realtor can help the buyers understand those documents when they are making an offer on a home.

Buyers are worried that having a Realtor costs them money when in fact the Sellers usually pay for the realtor to bring them a buyer.

Lastly, a Realtor has access to the most current and up to date listings in the area they are licensed in, so they can help the buyer look at those listings in there target budget and neighborhood area they want to be in.

So the question is why wouldn’t you as a buyer use a realtor when buying a home?

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