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Sorry I haven’t written in a while, this time of year gets hectic but I like it.

Well so far in my career as a licensed Realtor, I have had some bumps in the road. I have had banks that don’t wire funds (crazy huh?), I have had underwriters want more comps for an appraisal a day or so before we were set to close on a home,  I have also has a seller promise to complete work but then left the house in worse shape than originally viewed and wouldn’t release my buyers Earnest Money back to them and the list goes on.

All of this is part of my job and behind the scenes of what we are paid for in our commission, sometimes if the sale of a home doesn’t cross the finish line they are still things we as license Realtors do to make the buying process easier. But that is not the reason I am writing today.

I want to thank my buyers and sellers I have worked with that have trusted me and have listened to the advice I gave them to make the buying and selling process easier for them. They have trusted me with this huge desision and process in their lives. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you very much.

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Have a Buyers Agent

Sometimes when people are buying a home for the first time, they don’t realize how stressful and involved it is, with making sure they know about lead based paint, inspection procedures and appraisal processes. Having a Realtor help you prepares buyers for some of those costs and they can show the buyers homes they can afford but might be a little less than their budget to account for some of those unexpected costs. There are laws to take into an account as well to help both home owners and buyers. It helps to have a buyers agent to know some of those laws to protect the buyers.

A licensed Realtor has received education and takes continuing educational classes to to stay current on laws, issues and ethics. A licensed Realtor has access to up to date attorney drafted documents to help buyers. A Realtor can help the buyers understand those documents when they are making an offer on a home.

Buyers are worried that having a Realtor costs them money when in fact the Sellers usually pay for the realtor to bring them a buyer.

Lastly, a Realtor has access to the most current and up to date listings in the area they are licensed in, so they can help the buyer look at those listings in there target budget and neighborhood area they want to be in.

So the question is why wouldn’t you as a buyer use a realtor when buying a home?

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