Born and raised in the Spokane community I was taught at a young age to give 100% effort and help people that may not be able to help themselves or to make someone’s life easier. Once I started helping people at my first job at Rocky Rococo’s I was hooked!  From what I learned over the years to where I am now, I take great pride in making peoples lives easier by providing them the service they deserve.

With my knowledge, service and dedication I provide, I can guide you through the legal process of selling or buying a home. I listen to your needs and wants and communicate with you the buyer or seller while keeping your best interests in mind.

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Rachel Nepean

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Rachel is the second Realtor I have had and was by far the best. She is knowledgeable, friendly, caring and wants the best for her clients. I never pressured into buying a house just because it was in my budget and what I was looking for. She just reassured me that the right house will come along. Rachel was there for me every step of the way and I could have not done it without her. She has become a really awesome friend too!"

J- Reiss